Upholding Ethics in the Face of Crisis

Doug ZurawskiBlog

First of all, I want to take this moment to thank each one of you for upholding the standards of treatment for all in this incredibly trying time. Your work is essential to helping all patients get the care they need and deserve. Pharmacists are in the business of helping others, and as part of that, we have a duty … Read More

Shifting Perceptions of Pharmacists’ Role

Jenny HarlettBlog

It’s all-hands-on-deck time in hospitals across the country—and around the world—as we combat the COVID-19 pandemic. So it’s more important than ever that we realize the incredibly important role that pharmacists have in patient care. They are more than just prescribers of drugs. With their expert knowledge of drugs, usage, dosage, interactions, and more, pharmacists play a crucial part in … Read More