Case Study: UNC Health Care Standardizes and Centralizes Pharmacy Operations for Better Efficiency

Jenny HarlettBlog

UNC Health Care comprises hospitals around the state of North Carolina, all operating around a Shared Services Center (SSC) in Durham. In a continuing effort to consolidate high-volume, non-clinical activities for better efficiency and patient care, UNC looked to Kit Check to help move pharmacy kit replenishment to the SSC. Centralizing this process made sense for a hub-and-spoke setup like … Read More

7 out of 10 Hospitals Choose Kit Check Because We Offer More Than a Tag

Doug ZurawskiBlog

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products’ (PP&P) annual survey of hospitals found that 71% of all hospitals that have implemented Medication Tray Management chose Kit Check. The next closest competitor claimed only 15% market share followed by a few others in the single digits. I am not surprised at this overwhelming support by hospital pharmacists. I was a director of hospital pharmacy … Read More

Infographic: What Keeps Hospital Pharmacy Leaders Up At Night?

Nathalie CelcisBlog

Every year we survey hospital pharmacy leaders from across the country and synthesize our findings in our annual Hospital Pharmacy Operations report. Check out this easy to read infographic that summarizes the top 4 takeaways from our latest survey.

3 Considerations that Lead to Successful Pharmacy Technology Automation Implementations

Nick PetersenBlog

Change is difficult. Changing the way you eat, work out or sleep is tough to implement, stick to and internalize. So too is change in a hospital pharmacy, with so many moving parts and an expectation to operate efficiently, 24 hours a day. Consider these 3 factors when choosing your next technology solution to ensure your next implementation is a success.

Video: State Board Inspections Are “No Problem” with Kit Check

Ava MutchlerBlog

Robert Eastin, Pharm.D. and Director of Central Pharmacy and Shared Services for Scripps Health, discussed the time savings benefits of Kit Check in last week’s video interview. Pharmacy kit restocking time decreased from over 20 minutes per kit to just 6 minutes after implementing Kit Check. But increased efficiency was just one of the benefits the hospital experienced. The solution … Read More

Kit Check Tracks 10 Million Hospital Medications to Become Largest Scale IoT and Cloud Software Solution in Healthcare

Tim Kress-SpatzNews

March 17 2016, WASHINGTON ” Kit Check™ (, the leader in hospital pharmacy kit restocking automation and medication tracking software, today announced that 10 million medications have been tracked by hospital pharmacies using the company’s cloud software and IoT-based solution. A vial of Glycopyrrolate at the University of Vermont Medical Center with a strength of 1MG/5ML became the ten millionth … Read More

Kit Processing - Manual vs RFID Time Savings

New Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms Kit Check Cost Savings

Doug ZurawskiBlog

The recent issue of INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy, The University of Minnesota’s peer-reviewed pharmacy journal, includes the results of a time and motion study of three hospitals using Kit Check’s pharmacy kit automation solution. The study compared the common manual kit restocking process with Kit Check’s automated process and the conclusions mirror the strong benefits we have seen in previous analyses. … Read More

CaroMont Regional Medical Center of Gastonia, NC Adopts Kit Check for Pharmacy Kit Processing Efficiency

Bret KinsellaPress Release

CaroMont Health became the first hospital in North Carolina to adopt Kit Check for hospital pharmacy kit processing. CaroMont installed Kit Checkƒ?› in mid May and after 10 weeks of operation has already tagged and tracked more than 10,000 medications used in 206 emergency pharmacy kits. “Using Kit Check has created tremendous efficiency in our pharmacy kit processing. We have cut kit replenishment time by more than 90%,ƒ? said Mike Molby, Director of Pharmacy Services for CaroMont.