Video: MedStar Georgetown saved a “huge amount of time” for technicians and pharmacists with Kit Check

Bret KinsellaBlog

In our third installment of our video interview with MedStar Georgetown Director of Pharmacy Geoff Cox, he discusses the pharmacist reaction to using Kit Check. He said it was quite simple because it was clear to the pharmacists what was in it for them. “When they checked [pharmacy trays] manually, it took them hours because they were very meticulous and … Read More


Achieving Zero Kit Restocking Errors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Ava MutchlerBlog

With about half of their 48 operating rooms using pharmacy kits, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts was using kits faster than they could restock them. Manually restocking the kits at that pace caused a crush of work load for both pharmacists and technicians, leaving concerns about kit inventory accuracy. According to Nicole Mascolo, a pharmacist at Brigham and Women’s, … Read More