Kit Check Customers Tag and Track 500,000 Medications with RFID and Save 35,000 Man Hours

Bret KinsellaPress Release

Washington, DC — Kit Check™ (, the leading provider of automated hospital pharmacy kit processing software, today announced that its customers through August 2013 have tagged and tracked over 500,000 medications with RFID and its cloud-based software solution. Transforming the manual process of hospital pharmacy kit checking into an automated solution has already saved Kit Check hospitals an estimated 35,000 man-hours. … Read More

Kit Check + Safecor = Even Easier Pharmacy Kit Processing

Kevin MacDonaldBlog

Yesterday Kit Check announced a partnership with Safecor, the largest medication repackager serving hospitals in the United States. We started working with Safecor early in 2013 and it is now serving eight Kit Check customers. We wanted to offer an option for customers to have medications arrive with RFID tags already applied. Safecor’s scale and validated safety procedures made it a logical choice. Kit Check operates in the last 10 feet of the hospital medication supply chain and Safecor helps makes that process easier and safe.

8 Hospitals Using Kit Check Choose Safecor to Apply RFID Tags to Pharmacy Kit Medications

Bret KinsellaPress Release

Kit Check’s partnership with Safecor Health enables mutual customers to receive hospital pharmacy kit medications pre-tagged with RFID labels. Safecor Health is currently tagging medications for 8 Kit Check customers with a 350,000 annual pharmacy kit medication run rate. The collaboration will include introducing Kit Check to over 700 hospitals already using Safecor’s outsourced medication repackaging services.