Tracking Carts, Trays, Drugs, and Supplies During COVID-19

Jenny HarlettBlog

It seems that every day brings new information about COVID-19 treatment options, testing numbers, and supplies. In this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to know what is available in your hospital pharmacy inventory, and to be able to restock and deliver supplies as efficiently as possible. Some of our customers are creating Kit Masters for COVID-19 … Read More

Kit Check Adds Shortage Management Features

Kit Check adds Medication Shortage Management Features to Improve Pharmacy Kit Processing Efficiency

Bret KinsellaPress Release

Kit Check announced that it has added medication shortage management features to its software solution for hospital pharmacy kit restocking. In 2014, medication shortages reached an all-time high and have increased the complexity of managing pharmacy kits. Kit Check’s shortage management features allow for real-time kit master updating, location reporting and the ability to designate medications as alternate fills in advance.