Hospital pharmacy leaders need data. They are asked to run complex, costly and critical operations that directly impact patient care, but have few tools to proactively manage processes and reduce risk. Kit Check Analytics provides pharmacies with data around kit and OR medication usage for the first time. The results enable data driven pharmacy decisions that deliver lower cost, improved accountability and more efficient processes. Kit Check makes many analytics and reports available to users. Click below to learn more about the top six or contact us to discover even more.

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Kit Inventory Optimization enables hospitals to set optimal kit inventory levels based on actual medication use. It shows hospitals the par level for each medication, as well as the historic maximum and average use. This gives pharmacy leadership the data it needs to optimize kit inventory while reducing medication waste and inventory costs.
This feature proactively suggests recalls that impact the hospital pharmacy. When a recall is created by a Kit Check user at any hospital, the solution automatically identifies what other hospitals have those NDC and lot number pairs in stock. Because Kit Check is in the cloud, it can track recalls created by users across the Kit Check network and automatically help other hospitals more quickly identify recalls that impact them directly.
Expiration Analytics enables the hospital to assess the cost of kit medication waste due to expiration. It allows the user to drill down to see the most frequently wasted drugs by quantity and cost and which kits are the worst offenders. Pharmacies can then optimize kit stocking and distribution practices to reduce the cost of expiration waste.
This report enables the hospital pharmacy to see what medications in kits are about to expire in a 30, 60, 90-day or other custom time period. It also provides the current location of each medication about to expire. Pharmacies can then proactively remove expired drugs to prevent waste due to expiration and reallocate them to other areas of the hospital with immediate need.
The Multi-Site Dashboard allows hospitals with multiple sites to track performance, medication use and operational savings. Multi-site hospitals are able to standardize kit medications and restocking practices while seeing all kit inventory data on a single screen.
This report enables hospitals to instantly see the total cost of all medications in kits. You no longer need to perform a physical audit to gather this data. Kit Check uses WAC and AWP standard pricing to show the cost of each medication and the total cost of medication per kit. It also enables the hospital to see the cost of each drug by NDC so they can assess the difference in cost from various suppliers.

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