Manually restocking pharmacy kits and trays is tedious, time consuming and error prone. Kit Check users report saving 71-96% of restocking time by automating the process. They also report that manual medication stocking error rates ranging from 5% to 65% of kits fell to zero with Kit Check. And, many users report a measurable rise in staff morale as well. It’s fast, accurate and easy. Learn more below.

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The restocking process starts when a used kit is returned to the pharmacy. Manual processing requires a pharmacy technician to pick up every medication to determine what is missing, what needs to be restocked and if any items are nearing expiration. With Kit Check, those checks are all done automatically in about 5 seconds.
A technician simply places the returned pharmacy kit into the scanning station, closes the doors and clicks “scan” on the PC.
Kit Check software then displays which items are missing and need to be restocked and if any extra, expired or expiring soon medications should be removed.
The kit scan information then serves as restocking instructions for the pharmacy technician. They remove the expiring items and restock all of the used or removed medications.
After the kit is properly restocked, it is placed in the scanning station to validate the contents are correct.
If there are errors, the application will show what specific medications need to be added or removed. If correct, it will show the “Your Kit is Complete” message.
When the Kit is complete, there is no longer and tedious paperwork. Just click “Print” and a charge sheet is automatically printed so you can include it with the kit when you seal it. Also, when you dispatch the kit for use, you can indicate location so you can always track where your kits were sent.

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