Manually restocking OR medications in anesthesia workstations and dispensing cabinets is tedious, time consuming and error prone. The result is stock-outs that frustrate anesthesia providers and add labor costs for pharmacy. There is a better way. Swap Check automates the restocking process with fully stocked drawer liners that can be exchanged in seconds in the OR with the used drawers then replenished using Kit Check back in the pharmacy. It’s fast, accurate and easy. Learn more below.

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Each Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) is fitted with a drawer liner that enables all medications to be easily restocked at one time. After the case is complete, the entire drawer liner is removed and replaced with a fully stocked liner. This entire process only takes a few seconds for each ADC restock. Typically, one technician replaces all drawer liners for all ADCs at a scheduled time.
When a used drawer liners is returned to the pharmacy, a technician simply places it into the scanning station, closes the doors and clicks “scan”on the PC.
Kit Check software then displays which items are missing and need to be restocked and if any extra, expired or expiring soon medications should be removed.
The scan information then serves as restocking instructions for the pharmacy technician. They remove the expiring items and restock all of the used or removed medications.
After the Drawer Liner is properly replenished, it is placed in the scanning station to validate the contents are correct. In many states this step eliminates the need for a pharmacist check.
If there are errors, the application will show what specific medications need to be added or removed. If correct, it will show the “Your Kit is Complete” message.

Kit Check Video Demo