We Help Administrators

Meaningful use, ACA, Controlled Substance Act regulations, changing FDA guidelines, and many other outside forces are all costly factors that the C-suite must deal with, all while striving to improve both efficiency and patient safety.

"Lost" Medication Revenue

Hospitals routinely report that up to 65 percent of all kits in circulation include expired medications. These unused expired medications result, on average, in a loss of around $40,000 per year.

Diversion Risks

Diversion events mean fines, reputational damage, and impacts on staff and patient safety, as well as the monetary loss of diverted medications.

Inefficiency and Lack of Visibility

The manual tray restocking process, whether in Pharmacy, the OR, or elsewhere, is inefficient and error-prone, and can also create a visibility gap in the full medication life cycle.


Stay Ahead of Expiration

Kit Check’s on-demand reporting tools alert pharmacy leaders about upcoming expirations, allowing staff to pull those drugs before trays are restocked and reallocate them to a higher usage setting.

Optimize Processes and Inventory

Kit Check helps improve restocking efficiency and provides accurate medication consumption data that is so often lost or lacking in the perioperative space.


Circumvent Diversion

Bluesight for Controlled Substances gives you a view into 100% of your controlled substance use records alongside proactive, dynamic analytics, helping you head off events and identify outlier behavior patterns quickly.

Kit Check is an amazing asset to our practice.

Erin L., Manager Pharmacist