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The nationwide opioid crisis has prompted hospitals to take a renewed multi-disciplinary approach to combating opioid misuse and abuse.

Following recommendations by ASHP and other leading bodies, facilities are bringing together representatives from Pharmacy, Nursing, Anesthesia, Compliance and Risk, Security, and other departments to ensure that controlled substance-related processes, practices, and policies are consistent and comprehensive, and both staff and patients are protected.

"Controlled substances (CS) diversion in health systems can lead to serious patient safety issues, harm to the diverter, and significant liability risk to the organization."

— American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, “ASHP Guidelines on Preventing Diversion of Controlled Substances” January 2017

Software and data analysis tools are a key component of a comprehensive controlled substance tracking and diversion detection program. Having an electronic record of data from all of your automated systems is key, but having reports that compare data provides even more clarity into where and how controlled substances are moving throughout your facility. This, in turn, surfaces areas of biggest risk, whether in physical control gaps, individual provider behavior, or waste related to inventory selections.


Bluesight for Controlled Substances was developed to help hospitals with:

100% Coverage
Transition from partial compliance to 100% transaction-level audit coverage across all care areas, including the OR.

Diversion & Risk Analysis
Identify diversion and outlier behavior patterns from a comprehensive risk analysis approach in real time.

Flexible Options
Get live in a matter of weeks with flexible data delivery options and minimal staff investment.

Learn more about how Bluesight for Controlled Substances can help you get ahead of diversion events and stay proactive in the fight against opioid abuse.