We Help IDNs

The variance in patient volume, procedure types and specialties, staffing models, physical space, and physician groups means that health systems must be able to accommodate a variety of:


Process Flows


Medication Preparation


Medication Tagging


Distribution practices

Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) throughout the country have captured even greater benefits from using Kit Check to enforce standardization across the network, or to produce standardized data and reporting despite operational differences across network hospitals.


Since Kit Check’s medication tray management solution and Bluesight for Controlled Substances are cloud-based platforms, they scale easily with increasing volume. When a new hospital joins your IDN, it is automatically connected to the others, enabling both individualized and aggregated medication visibility and reporting across all sites.

Open reporting

In the event of recalls and drug shortages, information can be shared quickly and consistently across the entire IDN. Recalled medications can be located in minutes, rather than the hours or days it might take to comb through hundreds of trays within a network. And data analysis can be shared instantly with all networked hospitals to surface controlled substance usage patterns that might otherwise not be visible.


Kit Check has been great to work with…and they want to help optimize your front-end operations as much as possible. They’re very responsive to feedback and willing to work with you.

Jason N., Director of Pharmacy