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It is clear that the IT department has its hands full in every hospital in the United States. Whether you are implementing Epic, Cerner, CPOE, a health information exchange, or are just trying to maintain the systems already in use, the schedule is full.

Time and Risk Factors

On top of that, implementing new technologies often requires IT to step in and install software on a local PC or server in the hospital. Inherent risks of data loss are present because of data backup failures, and there are also cyber security issues and disruptive software upgrades to consider.

When you implement a Kit Check solution, no IT support is required, because everything happens in the cloud.

Kit Check co-founder and CTO Tim Kress-Spatz explains how the cloud takes the hassle out of implementing a new technology solution.

Kit Check Medication Tracking Solutions

  • No new hardware — Only an existing PC with a web browser and two open network ports is needed.
  • No onsite IT visits — Everything is configured remotely by the Kit Check team.
  • Data Management — No data is stored onsite. All processing, data management, reporting, and support is handled remotely by the Kit Check engineering team.
  • Network Requirements — The network load is also minimal given the small packet size being passed to our cloud-based servers.
  • Security — Additionally, there is no private health information or HIPAA related data associated with the system.

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Bluesight for Controlled Substances

  • Encryption — The Bluesight for Controlled Substances uses HTTPS (TLS 1.2) to encrypt communication between the UI in your web browser and our servers. Authorization tokens are encrypted with AES-256 keys with an authentication tag for tamper detection. Uploaded files are secured using server side AES-256 encryption.
  • Third-Party Validation — Kit Check software is also validated by third parties and recognized as meeting the most stringent of security requirements. Amazon Web Services (AWS) recognized Kit Check as one of its notable case studies.
  • Data Delivery — Bluesight products support manual data uploads and SFTP automated delivery; no integration is required for implementation or use. Our team works with yours to pull the necessary data sets — pharmacy can own the entire project.
  • PHI Security — Bluesight products are built to protect PHI, both in transit and at rest, and meet all HIPAA requirements. Our system architecture has been extensively tested and verified for compliance.

Find our more about Bluesight for Controlled Substances’ features.

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Occasionally hospital pharmacies need to go through IT review; even for true cloud-based applications. In those cases, IT sometimes asks for technical architecture diagrams that explain all the magic that happens in the Kit Check Cloud. Complete the form below and we would be happy to provide you with the necessary documentation.

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