Hospital pharmacy leaders across the US share ambitious goals of ensuring patient safety and meeting the demands of regulatory compliance while also increasing Pharmacy’s role in the delivery of patient care.

Standing in the way of these goals, however, are several major challenges:


Decreasing budgets in the face of increasing drug costs and responsibilities. Hospitals’ median operating margins fell from 3.4 percent to 2.7 percent from 2015-2016, while expenses grew by 7.7 percent.


Staffing challenges in attracting, keeping, and motivating qualified individuals. It can take months to fill open positions, and lengthy vacancies directly affect a hospital’s ability to safely and profitably deliver quality patient care.

Given these obstacles, it is no wonder many pharmacies struggle to achieve their higher-level objectives. Some hospital leaders have identified strategies to overcome these obstacles and make meaningful progress towards their goals:


Using machine learning to analyze data and uncover risks and opportunities for improvement


Implementing automation to help every staff member practice at the top of license


Moving to the cloud to expand visibility across the entire supply chain, more care areas, and the complete patient record

Leveraging these same strategies, Kit Check has helped over 400 hospitals achieve their top priorities by solving key challenges in the following areas.


Inventory Management Solutions

Hospitals have invested in expensive automation solutions and medication management systems over the last decade, but these don’t cover everything and are cumbersome to use. As a result, pharmacy is still saddled with the time-consuming, error-prone inventory restocking process, often with incorrect information.

"There is no doubt that [automated dispensing] machines can enhance the efficiency of medication distribution, but their capacity to reduce medication errors is controversial and depends on many factors, including how users design and implement the management systems."

Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Kit Check is the #1 medication management solution for managing kits, trays, anesthesia workstations, and crash carts and is used by over 400 leading hospitals across the US.

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For the second year in a row, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products found that, among hospitals using automated tray management systems, Kit Check was the most popular solution.


Controlled Substance Oversight and Risk Mitigation Solutions

Industry experts estimate that even a mid-sized hospital can expect 6-8 drug diversion events a year, and diverters are getting increasingly savvy about ways to bypass safety procedures and protocols. A single high-profile drug diversion event can cause reputation damage, put patients at risk, and incur substantial fines. Only ongoing, 100% reviews will identify 100% of the problems.

"Facilities that have identified minimal diversion in the past may develop a false sense of security… [and] organizations may concluded that if they simply meet the baseline requirements, they are doing enough."

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products

Bluesight for Controlled Substances is the only controlled substance tracking and diversion detection solution offering complete coverage of the OR, nursing floors and other procedural areas.

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Makes my job so much easier! I have worked in a hospital without Kit Check before, and it required a [full-time] technician to manually refill all the trays/boxes! To me, Kit Check is worth the expense, especially for the unusual amount of boxes this hospital’s pharmacy has.

Britney P., Pharmacy Technician